The Buchstabenfabrik Text

With more than 150 published books for children, young people and adults, translated into about 50 languages, countless contributions for radio, TV and print media, it is not surprising that the Austrian author Christine Nöstlinger has often described herself in interviews as a “one-man letter factory” (which means in German Buchstabenfabrik).

This is why her two daughters founded “Christine Nöstlinger's Buchstabenfabrik” at the end of 2018, a company for administering and further developing Christine Nöstlinger’s artistic and literary estate. The company aims at keeping her comprehensive work alive, while authentically respecting the artistic and societal values her children's literature always has been standing for: the interests, rights and perspectives of children and people at the margins of society. They have been central to her work, as they are to the “Buchstabenfabrik”.

The “Buchstabenfabrik” collaborates with national and international partners, such as publishers, theatre directors, opera houses, composers and radio- and film producers.

From autumn 2020, the Buchstabenfabrik will start a cooperation with "Kultur für Kinder" (Culture for Children) and the Austrian National Library with the "Lesekoffer" (''reading case''). The aim is to inspire children in the 2nd grade of primary school for reading and the world of books and language - without pressure to perform and with lots of fun. There are no costs for the schools or the parents! Also thanks to the support of the Oetinger publishing group, around 400 Viennese children who take part in the project in the school year 2020/21, will receive a book as a gift at the end of the project.

If you are interested in our book rights or ideas for a cooperation, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Please contact Catharina Rosenauer, who administers the estate:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!